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Madrid, Spain

my next stop was the largest city in Spain, Madrid. I am starting my sight seeing and my first stop is the Gates of Europe. its two towers that are built at a 15 degree angle. the towers were also the first inclined skyscrapers.4Picture_1.png
These buildings are very cool and took allot of architectural creativity. After seeing the towers, i walked down to the Grand Via. This is the place for upscale shopping. The Grand Via is known as the "spanish broadway" on this street there are two buildings that stand out the most, The metropolis building and the Telefonica building. The telefonica building was built in 1929 as the Spanish Telecommunications Company. This Was the First in Europe. The Metropolis Building was built in 1907. The round domed tower on top is covered in 3000 leaves of 24 carat gold and the winged goddess of victory.Metropolis..ug2008.jpeg because i had to cut down on days im staying in Madrid to two days. i stayed at a small hotel and it wasn't as fancy as the last couple it was still just as good. i panned on getting a scooter for the day but instead i decided to walk to the city hall (aka Plaza de cibeles) They're city hall has some really amazing marble statues out side of it.Cibeles_co..loseup.jpegFile_Madri..square.jpeg
This is one of the most intricate building i have ever seen. Although This stop was a short one this definitely is a place i will return to explore some more.

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Faro, Portugal

4Picture_2.png4Picture_3.png This was my next stop of Faro portugal. the great views are complemented by amazing architecture. every body her speaks Portuguese and its hard to get directions from any one but everybody tries there best to understand what I'm saying and occasionally the speak english and can help me around this city. my hotel is a five star hotel called the Hotel Eva. this is a nice hotel i got a deal for $98 a nigh which isn't to bad. My room is Nice and the bed is comfortable .5Picture_2.png The view from my room is beautiful. Today i'm going scuba diving in the Algarve . the instructors knew a ton about the marine life around Faro. we saw so beautiful marine life. We went to a ship reck and saw sharks like hammer heads and blue sharks. the instructors were very nice. this was a great trip i highly recommend it to anyone who likes sharks.hammerhead2.jpeg
after this day of shark fun i decided to go deep sea fishing the next day to add to the beautiful days on the water. Even though i had to get up at six thirty A.M. i still had time to grab a quick breakfast before i left to catch the boat. we left from a small port off the coast of Faro. from there we had like an hour of traveling over the wavy ocean till arriving at a very desolate area with no boats in sight and thats were we casted our lines and waited but it didn't take to long. my pole jerked and the battle started. with some help and about 25 minutes of fighting the large fish was hauled out of the ocean. It was a enormous blue marlin, this was the biggest fish i have ever seen. 643_Jakes_..y_bite.jpeg That was so exciting to catch a fish that big. Im glad that was enough excitement for the day cause we didn't have any more luck with fishing for the rest of the day. the tour guild and fishing guild talked about there boat. It was called the pescamar 1, it was a 33 foot fishing boat with two turbo charged diesel engines. it has GPS radar and auto pilot. I got back to my hotel at nine Pm it was a long day but i have sea cave tours the next day and i was excited for that.
Sea caves are today i'm stoked and cant wait to get on the boat. when we left the port the took us down the coast and we saw some of the smaller caves but still great views where ever u look. the boat slowed down and stopped and we took a dingy to the beach were they set up a wonderful BBQ in the sand. After we stuffed our faces the took us out to the caves where we got pictures of caves. They put the dingy in the water and we spend off towards the caves. they were a lot bigger the closer we got. Some you could fit a school bus in. this was a great experience. On the way back we didn't see a lot of dolphins but there was one or two swimming beside our boat.

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Faro, Portugal


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Aeolian Islands, Italy


Landing in the Aeolian islands 3Picture_1.png
there are beautiful views on every corner. this small island is a part of italy

There are beautiful views on every corner of this island I'm staying in Lipari a small town on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. i'm staying at the Hotel Borgo Eolie. This is a great hotel the landscape and the hotel flow together. The room i have is very homely and the staff is very welcoming.3Picture_2.png

Day One
I went to the 17th-century Cattedrale di San Bartolomeo. This is concidered one of the most beautiful buildings in the area. the inside is covered in art work.1Picture_4.png
This church was built in 838 AD and is much much older than any place in denver. walking back from the church i saw a nice cafe to stop and eat. The narrow streets and the great architecture make walking the best form of transportation unless u like scooters. there are all different kinds of scooters at every side street. There is some really big and expensive houses. The people that own those house are very nice and friendly. one family the Castrada"s invited me to there house for a classic italian diner. i showed up at Three thirty p.m. and didn't leave till two o'clock am. The dinner had at least seven courses to it. we had fresh cheese and basil with olive oil and pepper. the there were four meat dished including pork, fish, beef and chicken. and some smaller dished were served after. All the food was delicious it was a great way to end my stay in Lipari.

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