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more pictures of my hotel

Picture 2

Picture 2

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hotel in greece

Picture 1

Picture 1

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Off to greece

Just got back from the techno concerts and they were great i met a lot of new friends from all over Europe. The concerts light show was amazing they blew it away and you can tell that this is there passion and they love doing it. i met some guys from Greece which was helpful because thats my next stop and i leave in four hour

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hotel change

the hostel i stayed at was nice but i was able to afford a five star hotel instead. this hotel called the De L'Europe amsterdam is extremely nice. i got the deluxe room it is blue with a great veiw of the canals. today i plan i leaving for the 5 day electric concert it should be a new experince i will be camping till i re-checkin to the hotel. the electonric music and there are tons of DJ's playing. This type of music is popular in all of Europe . im not a techno freak so i hope this changes my mind about this music

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amsterdam zoo

just got back fro the zoo. this zoo was the most interesting zoo ever. This zoo consits of an aquarium, a planetarium, insectarium and a zoo. Plus all the historical buildings and interesting habitats. I enjoyed the aquarium the most all the kinds of fish and sea life. The only down part of my day has been forgetting to bring enough money for a ride back to my hostel and it was quite a walk till i got a ride from a fellow American heading back to that area.

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